EMHS – ch72

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 72: Him

Muyan pauses her steps to take a glance back to the man, she reveals an enigmatic smile, “Do you want to ask how I know your real name?”

The caged man nods desperately, his eyes glowing with a ray of intense longing.

Muyan slowly shakes her head, “Not only do I know your real name, but I also know of the blood sea vendetta that you carry with you. If you want to follow me, have me to heal your injuries, and take your revenge, then you must first win the next game. Prove your own worth.”

Having said that, she doesn’t pause again but and turns to leave with Xiao Bao.

While doing so, a foolhardy man reaches out and tries to grab her, but she gracefully and skillfully clutches him instead.

There’s a cracking sound of shattering bones, followed by a man’s shrill and blood-curdling shrieks.

The ‘ghost envoy’ comes after hearing the commotion, and sees a very strange scene –

A young woman looks absolutely beautiful in fluttering white clothes. With a shallow smile, her whole body gives off the disposition of an Immortal – obscure yet noble, holy but beguiling. People dare not look directly.

Those fiendish slaves in their cages, swept over by her gaze, each and every one incessantly tries to shrink back. There’s an occasional pained wailing from someone that had his hand broken.

The way that the ‘ghost envoy’ looks at Muyan changes in an instant.

He realizes that he made an error of judgement. Perhaps this girl is neither weak nor stupid. On the contrary, she may actually be very powerful.

“This Guest, may I ask if you have chosen the slave you wish to bid on?” The ‘ghost envoy’s attitude has become extremely respectful.

Muyan points to the cage with the number 3. “Him.”

“Very well, I’ll register this Guest right away. Inviting this Guest to first go to your private box to wait for the Colosseum’s matches to begin .”

On the cage no. 3, Yan Haotian watches the direction where the pair of mother and son are leaving. The gleam in his eyes flickers in and out, and soon after, a brilliant flame roars into existence.

A pair of bloodstained hands tightly grasp the iron bars.


Not long after Muyan had left, wearing pink clothes and a veil over her face, Gong Qianxue also appears together with a tall man at the backstage area of the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

“Yan Lie brother, where is that beast-slave that you mentioned? Is he really as awesome as you said?”

The man called Yan Lie glances sideways to look at Gong Qianxue. There is adoration and longing in his eyes, “When has your brother Yan ever fooled you, Qianxue? Rest assured, before this beast slave was sold to the ghost city, he had already reached the peak of Earth Stage while being just twenty-four years old. Although his strength is now greatly reduced due to sustained injuries, as long he is treated with Dan medicine, he will definitely become your right arm in the future!”

Were it not because of such talent,

He wouldn’t have massacred this Yan Haotian’s whole family, cut off his tongue, and sent him to the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

After experiencing this level of despair, as long as Gong Qianxue descends from the sky to save him,

He will inevitably shed tears of gratitude, and thereby pledge his life to vow loyalty and devotion to Gong Qianxue.

Hearing Yan Lie’s words, Gong Qianxue reveals a grateful smile, “Brother Yan, even though you’re the head of Jing Cheng Country’s first mercenary group, you’re still willing to do so much for Qianxue. I really… really don’t know what to do in order to thank you!”

Saying that, she gently holds Yan Lie’s hand, her watery eyes glistening and filled with awe and gratitude.

Once she sees that dazed and obsessed expression on Yan Lie’s face, a trace of a contemptuous sneer flits within the depths of her eyes.

As they were talking, the two have already arrived in front of Yan Haotian’s iron cage.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. how is it that everyone is so gullible and clueless when it comes to Gong Qianxue? She has such a vicious character and only thinks of her own cultivation to be a the top. Why are guys always dumb when there is a pretty face that covers a vicious and malicious personality?

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  4. Haha too late b*tch you’ll suffer this lifetime a mother has been reunited with her son and you’ll be suffering from the lifetime of pain you put her through


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