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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 66: A Long Road Chasing His Wife

Di Ming Jue stares, then a small suspicious flush appears to rise up on his cheeks.

However, his expression is still cold, indifferently saying, “Her liking Ben Jun, is that not rightfully inevitable?”

“Yes, yes, Jun Shang, your martial skills are brilliant, your spiritual might is incomparable. It is only right and certain that Miss Muyan will like you. However, *cough*… it also requires a process.”

Di Ming Jue tilts his glance, giving him a signal to continue.

Han Ye forces a smile as he says, “In order to get Miss Muyan to like you, it’s natural to give her things that she likes and do what she wants you to do. By any means, don’t get in her way…”

For example, the enemy of that Miss Muyan had waited for many years to exact vengeance upon – was instantly extinguished.

If he were Miss Muyan, he would also really wish he could chop up the guy who ruined it!

Di Ming Jue’s eyebrows creases together till they could pinch a fly.

He remembered the tiny figure that suddenly appeared between him and Jun Muyan.

Although the time was extremely brief that he wasn’t able to clearly see who it was, the energy fluctuation made him feel inexplicably shaken.

So much so that the spiritual form maintained by the Qian Kun Mirror, in a flash, unexpectedly fell apart and returned.

Hmph, regardless of who that was! Even dared to disturb his time alone with Muyan, rascal!

Han Ye kneels at the side, keeping quiet as a cicada in winter.

It was a good while before he hears the man’s icy and stately voice, “Build a transmission matrix for Yanwu Continent, it must be completed within ten days!”

“Ah-!” Han Ye snaps his head up to incredulously look at Di Ming Jue, “Jun Shang, you want to… seal your power and have your real body descend to Yanwu Continent?”

It is the lowest-order continent without any spiritual power. For Jun Shang to go there, he must seal 90% of his cultivation and he won’t be able to return to the Xiuxian Continent for a short period of time.

Once he lifts his head and makes contact with the man’s dark blue eyes, Han Ye immediately shivers. He bows and says, “Yes, My Lord!”

His voice has the tranquility of one who chops the nail and slices the iron*, but Han Ye’s heart has already set off turbulent waves.

  • No hesitation, resolute

Even if he knows the importance that Jun Shang places on Miss Muyan, it never occurred to him that it’s at the point where he would descend to Yanwu Continent with his real body.

What Han Ye doesn’t know at that time, that because of his suggestions,

Di Ming Jue’s long road of chasing his wife has only just begun.


Chi Yan Country, Xia’an City.

In the largest restaurant within the city, a waiter busily runs up and down, carrying delicious and steaming food and drinks into a room.

Inside the large private room, food and drinks spread on top of a massive round table.

The amount of these dishes should be enough for more than dozen people to enjoy.

However, the whole room only contains a drop-dead gorgeous woman in white, and a pink jade-carved little boy that seems to have stepped out of a painting.

After sending in the last course, the waiter stands in place with uncertainty.

Honestly, he doesn’t think that a girl and a little boy could finish eating so many dishes.

If these two can’t finish their food, won’t they forego paying their bill?

So the waiter turns to the girl in white, faking a smile as he gives their check, “This girl, may I ask if you’ll be the one paying, or will someone come to settle the bill?”

The seated young woman and little boy is naturally Muyan and Xiao Bao, respectively.

Since they exterminated the entire Jin Hong Men in Chi Yan Country, they came to Xia’an City to enjoy their free time.

Because she feels guilty about making her darling boy cry, Muyan asked Xiao Bao out to have a nice meal.

Hearing the waiter, Muyan didn’t even lift her head as she minds her own business, and eats at her leisure.

The waiter wrinkles his brows, darkly wondering if he really ran into people that will ‘dine and dash’?

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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