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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 65: Jun Shang Gnashing His Teeth

When Muyan sees her son’s tears, for a moment, she feels so distressed that she might as well bleed.

All the discipline and constructive criticisms are thrown to the back of her mind, she hugs her son and softly croons: “Don’t cry Xiao Bao, niangqin isn’t mad, I’m also unhurt. Niangqin is just afraid that you’ll get in danger, because for me, Xiao Bao is the most precious and important one in the entire world… I’m sorry for the way I said that earlier. Xiao Bao, forgive niangqin okay?”

Xiao Bao clutches Muyan’s neck and buries his whole head in her arms. He sullenly nods, saying in a throaty voice: “Ni-niangqin is also the most important, the most most most important.”

Muyan smiles then, as she carries her son out of the doorway of Jin Hong Men.

She doesn’t know why her mind suddenly recalls that man’s face, so handsome that he shouldn’t have friends.

In her past and current life, Muyan has never seen anyone more attractive than that man.

But unfortunately, he turns out to be a willfully disrespectful man, a lunatic with some brain problems.

If he’s not a lunatic, how can he just incomprehensibly propose marriage to a total stranger?

Di Ming Jue… Xiuxian Continent. As far as Muyan is concerned, that’s still a really, incredibly distant place.

She presumes, they’re not likely to meet again later, right?

Touching her lips that are still swollen, a trace of irritation flashes through Muyan’s heart. She soon throws the issue to the back of her mind and focuses on teasing her son.

Above the Ninth Heaven, Jun Shang, whose marriage proposal was just rejected, and was also cursed that ‘even if all the men in the world die off, it won’t be your turn to marry’; he recalls everything that transpired and is rapidly going insane from anger.

Even Han Ye’s figure in the ‘Qian Kun Mirror’ flashes.

As he comes through, one’s whole body could feel the low pressure together with the chilling cold. It seems as if he could simply freeze everything within the radius of thousands of miles.

Han Ye shivers from head to toe, and he frantically falls to kneel before this heavenly monarch. “Jun Shang!”

Di Ming Jue interrogates with gnashing teeth: “Xiuxian Continent, all those women crying and yelling that they want to marry Ben Jun, was that just a lie?”

“It’s… genuine!” Han Ye says in a trembling voice, “So long as Jun Shang says the word, there is no woman in the world that would refuse you.”

That’s right, all the women in the world cannot refuse him.

But as it happened, the one woman that he fancies had rejected him, so directly and so bluntly rejected him!

Is he not powerful enough, is his status not high enough, or is he not wealthy enough?!

This woman, this Jun Muyan… where did she get the nerve that she dares to reject him?

She even said that, ‘Even if all the men drop dead, it won’t be your turn‘!

Thinking of that point, Di Ming Jue has the urge to destroy the entire Yanwu Continent.

Han Ye coughs lightly, braving death: “Jun… Jun Shang, Miss Muyan is your destined, compared to other women… she’s different. Like this you’re… not likely to persuade Miss Muyan.”

Di Ming Jue coldly looks at the other.

That harsh and freezing gaze seems to convey that if he says a single wrong word, he’s dead.

Han Ye gulps his spit down, and continues: “If, if you truly like Miss Muyan, then first… woo her first, and also make her be moved by you. How can one directly… just directly propose marriage?”

Moreover, even betrothal gifts are absent! If I were Miss Muyan, I would not agree!

Han Ye rants internally, but he doesn’t dare reveal that on his face. He looks sincere: “Therefore, Jun Shang, what you must do now is to make Miss Jun like you first.”

Di Ming Jue stares, then a small suspicious flush appears to rise up on his cheeks.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  4. I haven’t read all the chapters but I’m wondering if the Jun Shang is the biological father of Xiao Bao or not? if not, who is the real father and will he make an appearance or was he a jerk to just knock up Muyen and leaver her?


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