EMHS – ch64

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 64: Stubborn Xiao Bao

“Future husband?” Muyan raises her brows, “Then you have come today to…”

“Propose marriage!” The cold, thin lips resolutely proclaims, and then he lowers his voice and softly says, “I want you to become my, Di Ming Jue’s, wife!”

The light in Muyan’s eyes grows darker, she gently says: “Since it’s a marriage proposal, could you let me go first? My hand is sore from your grip.”

Di Ming Jue is stumped from that, quickly loosening his grip. His concerned gaze falls on her slender wrist.

And indeed, there’s a red imprint marring her slender jade wrists.

However, the red mark doesn’t look like a flaw; on the contrary, it adds a certain kind bloody aesthetic.

Just like the girl’s slightly swollen lips, so luxurious and so tempting that he couldn’t help but want to take another taste.

Di Ming Jue’s pupils gradually seeps into darkness. He steps closer to Muyan, the flame of desire burning in his eyes.

The girl in front of him has a shallow smile. Her eyes are soft and tender, as if filled with wholehearted intimacy, waiting for him to take her into his arms.

Twang-! A zither note echoes out.

Di Ming Jue’s pupils shrink, and his figure is suddenly blown away.

In the end, the qin’s wind blade cuts a hole through his clothes.

The young woman in front of him no longer has any trace of tenderness or intimacy on her face, leaving only a ghastly and beguiling smile, “You want to propose marriage to me?”

“I’m really sorry, even if all the men in the world drops dead, it won’t be your turn to take the position of this girl’s husband!”

Di Ming Jue’s face turns extremely dark, immediately taking a stride towards her. He wants to recapture the girl back into his arms, and he would not allow her to escape again.

All of a sudden, a flash of white light flashes between the two.

It’s immediately followed by a small white hand, pushing towards Di Ming Jue, “You mustn’t bully niangqin!”

Internal Force surging, flooding it’s might.

It should be impossible for this Internal Force to pose any threat to Di Ming Jue.

But at the instant that the small, white tender hands make contact with the hems of his clothes, Di Ming Jue’s body suddenly turns transparent like a mirage, and eventually disappears.

Muyan looks at the empty space in front of her, unable to return to her senses for a long time.

So same as the last time, this scoundrel suddenly appeared again, and suddenly disappeared again.

“Niangqin…” Xiao Bao’s aggrieved call reaches her ears.

Muyan snaps back to herself and quickly bends down to carry Xiao Bao up. Tensed, she says, “Xiao Bao, didn’t you promise niangqin that you’ll obediently stay inside the space, and you won’t go out?”

Xiao Bao’s cold little face tightens as he says: “Someone bullied niangqin!”

“Even if someone bullies me, you can’t just risk going out as you please.” Muyan says with a grave expression, “Otherwise, if something bad happens to you, do you know how scared and broken-hearted I would be? Promise niangqin, that you’ll behave afterwards.”

Xiao Bao’s delicate little face is still as taut as before, his lips are tightly pressed together, and he doesn’t say anything.

Muyan has a sinking expression. She crouches down and removes Xiao Bao out of her embrace, “Jun Mochen, if you’re not obedient, niangqin will get angry!”

Hearing those words, Xiao Bao’s taut face and pursed lips slowly changes, at last.

Sparkling and translucent tears accumulate on his huge blue eyes.

The little boy’s face is filled with unease and grievance but he stubbornly bites his teeth, refusing to let his tears fall down.

“Xiao Bao doesn’t want people to bully niangqin, don’t wanna!”

His voice breaks into a sob, finally unable to stop the tears from rolling down.

Seeing her son’s tears, for a moment, Muyan regrets so dearly that she feels like she might as well bleed.

s h a d y t r a n s l a t i o n s . c o m

T/N: We’ll be picking up the pace next week, cause I took some meds and it made me so sleepy. It’s still making me so sleepy.
I’ve been sick all week (feeling much better now) so I still owe you guys some chapters…

(hence the randomly-timed updates, I sometimes give up midway and just post the finished chapters so I can sleep earlier)

It was just a common cold, hahaha

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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