EMHS – ch63

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 63: Your Future Husband

The person before her turns out to be that philandering scoundrel from the Fog Forest.

A sliver of astonishment flashes through the man’s eyes, but it’s only for a fleeting moment.

He says with a cold face, “He wanted to harm you!”

And he will not allow anyone to harm his woman!

Muyan practically laughs derisively, “You thought he could harm me? Rather, even if he was going to hurt me, what does it have to do with you? What do you have to do with me, that you’ve meddled in other people’s business?”

Having said that, Muyan once again feels frustrated.

She makes the decision to stay away from this mental case so she turns around to leave.

But before she could take two steps, the man catches her wrist and pulls her back.

Her whole body is embraced by wide, firm and scorching arms .

Muyan furrows her brows and suddenly twists to free herself.

But this time, not only is she unable to extricate herself like earlier, but the man holds her by her waist and brings her deeper in his embrace.

Immediately afterwards, the man lowers his head and, without the slightest hesitation, captures her soft pink lips.

Muyan snaps her eyes wide open, simply unable to believe what’s happening to her at this moment.

She was actually disrespected by this scoundrel, twice now!

Muyan raises up the hand that wasn’t seized, and flings it towards the man’s face.

The man immediately catches the slender lily-white hands in the air, capturing both of her hands and placing them behind her. He presses her body against his a little more.

Muyan wants to struggle but, be it the use of her Internal Force or even summoning Tian Mo Qin, there’s completely no response from them while in the presence of this man.

It’s almost like the whole field is kept under the control of his dreadful power, firmly suppressing them.

The man seems to have become intoxicated from the sweet taste of her lips.

The kiss is obviously very clumsy, not even knowing how the lips and tongues intertwine. Just greedily breathing in the fragrance of those lips. However, the dominance percolating throughout his body is incomparably despotic, as if Muyan is his possession.

Cannot resist, cannot escape.

The kiss lasted for a long time before the man reluctantly releases Muyan. His eyes still hungrily gobbling up the sight of her exquisite brows and eyes, sweeping over the fine upturned nose, the limpid pearl-like earlobes, and eventually falling on the slightly swollen lips.

Soon after, he slightly knits his brows, apparently quite displeased.

At this time, Muyan is quickly bursting into a rage, wishing she could shred this guy that had molested her twice.

But unfortunately, she doesn’t know where this man came from or why he’s too powerful.

Even a Precelestial practitioner like her is completely unable to fight back.

But who would have thought that this man’s ice-cold voice would sound somewhat discontented as he tells her: “Why are you so weak? This way, how can you follow Ben Jun to the Xiuxian Continent, and be qualified stand beside me? Ben Jun will allow you ten years, as soon as possible, pass the tribulations and ascend…”

Listening to the man’s insufferable prattling, Muyan takes a deep breath. The corners of her mouth lift up into a soft and bashful smile: “I’m sorry but may I ask, who are you?”

If Xiao Bao, who is as familiar with Muyan, could see this smile, he would know right away that his mother is angry!

Really, very angry!

The one who provoked her is totally out of luck.

Unfortunately, the man in front of her doesn’t know that.

So seeing the girl’s bright and beautiful smile, his eyes flicker and a sliver of gentleness thaws through his ice-cold expression.

His wide palm slowly strokes her fine porcelain cheeks, “Muyan, remember my name… Di Ming Jue, this shall be the name of your future husband.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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    • Yeah, I have. All we know so far is that it was in darkness, so neither of them probably saw the other’s face. The question is, how did they meet up in the first place when they had to cross realms to do so. Like, his powers went berserk and he was not in his right mind, so he accidentally ended up where she was and taking her was the only way to recover his senses?

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  2. He reminds me of an innocent Ghost Emperor Yun Xiao who ended up being trained by Yun Loufeng to be the perfect boy toy… 😆😆😆😈😇😈😇

    And husband…

    Except Yun Xiao was completely obedient to her while developing his sexual dominance … And this dude here… Lol 😆 should show less dominance and more obedience towards the wife who would one day train him in the art of being the perfect husband or else his son will win his mother’s love, attention, and adoration!!! Xiao Bao is already the perfect husband at age 4!!! 😇😆

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