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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 62: It’s you

Muyan expresses ‘such a pity’ on her face, she shakes her head: “Too bad, master Ge guessed wrong again!”

With the third slash of her sword, Ge Changming’s hand that was initially reaching for a knife from his lower back pocket, suddenly sprays blood. His palm is sliced in half.

“Aaaaah–!!!” a blood-curdling scream pierces through the sky.

“Master Ge’s screams are really miserable!” Muyan says slowly, “Maybe I should give you a hint! Four years ago, Chi Yan Country, nameless valley!”

Ge Changming clamps down on the wrist that only has half a palm. His whole body trembling into a spasm. The sharp pain is making it hard for him to concentrate.

But hearing Muyan’s words, he suddenly snaps his head up to look at her face.

The pupils in those bloodshot eyes suddenly contract, and Ge Changming opens his mouth wide and issues a shrill scream: “Jun… Jun Muyan, you are Jun Muyan, the pregnant woman four years ago…”

Immediately however, he frantically shakes his head, yelling hysterically, “Impossible! How could it be you?! Jun Muyan, shouldn’t you have died already?!”

Muyan stalks forward on the bloodied ground. Her shallow smile is pure and tender, “If I don’t live, how can I repay the ‘grace’ that you gave me… hm?”

Ge Changming stares at the young woman’s flowery smiling expression, then he looks at her pitch-black eyes that seem like a bottomless abyss. His body shakes like a sieve.

This time, genuine dread rises in his heart.

He kneels on the floor, his knees continuously drawing back. There’s a frightened whisper in his mouth, “Don’t kill me, the matter from back then, it was Gong Qianxue who instructed me. It’s none of my concern… I didn’t… I didn’t want to dig your child out!”

As he retreats, Ge Changming’s hand pries around his lower back.

He has hidden his last weapon there, Jin Hong Men’s unique poison “Tian Du Vagary Powder”.

It was refined by the alchemy and medicine master, Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect. It was a special gift for Gong Qianxue.

Even a Precelestial practitioner would not be spared from the might of the Tian Du Vagary Powder.

Muyan listens to Ge Changming begging for mercy, and watches his hand reaching behind him. She narrows her eyes and her smile deepens.

Looking on as Ge Changming is about to take out the Tian Du Vagary Powder, a dark shadow suddenly appears between them.


With the loud sound, Ge Changming’s form swells violently and directly explodes, flesh and viscera strewing all over the place.

Muyan is momentarily unable to have a reaction, just about bracing herself to get splattered by bits of flesh.

But in a flash, she is enveloped by a looming figure, totally blocking the blood splash.

It comes with a strong and cold masculine atmosphere, completely assaulting her senses.

Muyan is stunned and still doesn’t react. A deep, magnetic voice of a man probes into her ears: “Jun Muyan…”

Just a low whisper of her name, but it seems to contain endless longing and countless emotions.

The warm breath puffing on her ears brings a tickling feeling.

Muyan abruptly recovers her senses, her figure flashes away to break free from the man’s embrace.

Then she turns to look at the spot that Ge Changming occupied just moments ago.

Seeing that not even bones were spared, what remains of the corpse is just crushed bones and internal organs.

Muyan’s face turns green, “Who told you to kill him?”

Her prey, waiting for four years and with great difficulty, finally catching her first prey.

She had intended to properly torment and exact vengeance, but he was instantly destroyed this way.

As Muyan raises her head to take a clear look at the man’s appearance, her little face that have always appeared laid-back reveals a sick blue color, “It’s you!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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