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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 61: Irreconcilable Hatred

He has full confidence regarding his own abilities and strength, and even Gong Qianxue never entered his eyes.

Yanwu Continent’s first genius, Gong Qianxue is only at the early Heaven stage.

How can this young woman be his opponent when she looks younger than Gong Qianxue?


Seeing the momentous palm rumbling towards her, Muyan still maintains her calm and unperturbed expression.

A small jade-like hand raises slightly, internal force operating within her body, she launches her own attack against Ge Changming.

With a resounding noise, their palms collide against each other.

Ge Changming reveals a conceited smirk; this woman is stupid, isn’t she? Daring to compete against him using internal force…

But as quickly as the smile bloomed in his face, it freezes before reaching completion.

Ge Changming suddenly draws back for several yards. He grabs his chest with one hand, and coughs out a mouthful of blood.

His eyes focus in on the girl before him. His hoarse voice is filled with shock and incredulity, “You’re actually a Precelestial? How is this possible?!”

That’s right! How is it possible for a teenage girl to be a Precelestial master?!

Muyan chuckles and drawls: “You’re not bad yourself! In the few years I haven’t seen you, you’ve not only become the master of Jin Hong Men, even your strength has reached the peak of the Heaven stage.”

Listening to how she talks like they’re acquainted, the bewildered expression on Ge Changming’s face deepens, “Who the hell are you?!”

“Why don’t you take a guess?” Muyan carefreely laughs, “Oh right, by the way, I should tell the master. I have cleanly disposed of all the small-fries outside. Now you’re the only one left! Master Ge, we have plenty of time time to slowly chat.”

The girl’s words are like soft clouds and gentle winds, but in Ge Changming’s ears, they are like a sudden clap of thunder.

“You, what did you say?!” he bellows, the tone of his voice turning sharp due to extreme panic.

Quickly, his figure bolts out of the room, rushing towards the public square.

Muyan looks aloof, completely not bothering to stop him. Instead, she leisurely and unhurriedly follows behind him.

A body… two bodies… ten bodies…

As more and more mangled corpses turn up along the way, Ge Changming’s expression becomes even more aghast and frightened.

His Jin Hong Men that he trained for seven or eight years, until it finally became the primary killer organization in Chi Yan Country.

In the end… this woman has completely exterminated it overnight.

“You poisonous woman! What kind emnity do you have against my Jin Hong Men? You’re so vicious and merciless!!”

Ge Changming abruptly turns around, his fierce eyes glaring at the girl in white who’s slowly following behind him. He issues a scream similar to that of a wild beast.

Muyan’s mouth is slightly curved up, a charming smile on her dainty face. But there’s a chill within those eyes that could condense frost, “Between Jin Hong Men and I, there’s an enmity that wouldn’t allow us to live under the same sky…”

A luminous white wrist turns over, and a longsword appears on her hands. Muyan gently infuses it with mysterious energy.

A gash suddenly splits open on Ge Changming’s body, blood spraying everywhere.

“Ah – !! Who are you?” Ge Changming moves to the side, going away from the attack while screaming loudly, shouting himself hoarse.

Muyan sneers, “Master Ge’s memory is really bad! Have you forgotten me so quickly?”

As soon as her voice falls, the swords strikes for a second time. Ge Changming gets a bloody hole on his shoulder.

He makes a plaintive whine, a pair of embittered and frightened eyes stare at Muyan.

“I absolutely don’t remember Jin Hong Men having an enemy like you…”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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