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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 60: Extinguishing the Entire Jin Hong Men

“Hehe, won’t be angry?” Ge Changming reveals a sardonic smile. “That’s of course, you haven’t seen her fly into rage four years ago. Back then, she killed quite a few of my trusted subordinates, and even I was myself sustained serious injuries…”

Speaking halfway, Ge Changming becomes wary once again, swallowing down the rest of his words from fear.

He has a distant stare, as if reliving what happened four years ago.

Gong Qianxue suddenly gave them an order. She asked them to take a pregnant woman’s unborn child and deliver it to her.

At that time, Ge Changming was yet to be the nominal master of Jin Hong Men, but he was the main person in charge of that task.

He thought everything should be foolproof.

After all, the pregnant girl was so weak, she completely lacked the ability to resist.

In spite of everything, the final result…

That young girl must have died already. In the end, she’s a pregnant woman without the strength to truss a chicken. She wasn’t caught in their encirclement, so she must have escaped into the mountains. And when she entered deep into the mountains, she could only meet her end.

As Ge Changming is lost in his thoughts, he didn’t react even when Hall Owner bid goodbye as the other takes his leave.

Out of nowhere, he hears Hall Owner Ren exclaim, “Who are you?!”

Just as the voice falls, there’s a loud thud and a dark shadow rushes towards him.

Gushing blood spatters around his feet.

Hall Owner Ren has widened eyes, his mouth opens as if to say something but he only gurgled thin blood. The second he stumbles down, he completely stops breathing.

Ge Changming is alarmed and furious. He snaps his head up to see a young girl in snow white clothing, her long hair trailing over her shoulders as she unhurriedly enters the room.

The soles of feet are dripping with the Hall Owner’s blood. But walking on this bloody ground, her entire body is surrounded by an inviolably sacred atmosphere.

“You, who are you? Why did you enter the restricted area of my “Kuai Hou Grove” without permission?”

Before Ge Changming’s yelling, across from him, the young woman slowly hooks up her lips.

That pure and holy temperament instantly morphed, from the snow lotus of the Tianshan Mountains, to the fiery and flirtatious lycoris of a distant shore, enticing and dangerous.

“I took the liberty to visit at such a late hour. I hope Jin Hong Men’s sect master won’t take offense.” the girl’s voice is like the clinking of jade on ice, sophisticated and euphonious.

Ge Changming snaps his eyes wide, saying with disbelief: “You, how do you know that I’m Jin Hong Men’s…”

“How do I know that you are the master of Jin Hong Men?” Muyan chuckles as she glances up to him, “Not only do I know that you are the master of Jin Hong Men, but I also know that Jin Hong Men is about to disappear from the world! ”

Like snow, a clear and cold gaze stare at Ge Changming, making him inexplicably tremble.

After some effort to calm his mind, he asks: “Girl, what do you mean by this?”

“It means that today, I will extinguish the entire Jin Hong Men.”

Ge Changming stares blankly at first, then bursts into laughter soon after. Hot anger rises in his eyes, “The girl really likes to talk big! There are a lot of people who wants to extinguish my Jin Hong Men from this world, but none have ever succeeded. ”

“So young yet so daring to talk nonsense. I would actually like to see if you really have the ability!”

Before finishing his words, Ge Changming has already sent an attack towards Muyan, producing a loud, thunder-like rumble.

A powerful and oppressive Internal Force radiates from him. Ordinary people would shiver under the might of this tremendous force, even if they stand ten meters away.

Ge Changming’s eyes are filled with murderous intent and arrogance.

Although he submits to Gong Qianxue’s money and drugs, he is still an expert at the peak of Heaven Stage.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  2. So she’s like his unlucky star bringing misfortune to his life whenever she appears. Good, he deserves it.
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  3. These guy are dirt. I can ‘understand’ if they kill for money but they would take an unborn child out of the mothers body. They deserve what they will get from our MC.
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