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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 56: Tested on Chicken Legs

“Good disciple. Since you have this kind of mentality, then it truly can’t be any better. Just as I, your Master, was worrying about where to practice my hand.”

Hearing his words, Muyan’s face finally reveals a pleased expression. Her brilliant smile makes her look even more devastatingly beautiful, it could befuddle other people.

But looking at her little face, Lou Beiyu doesn’t know why a cold chill is making him shiver.

An ominous feeling rises in his heart.


In reality, The “Tian Du Vagary Powder” in Lou Beiyu is not difficult to solve. Muyan doesn’t need the Shen Musician’s skills for it.

She only needs the skills from her old medical expertise, and within a few months, she could slowly remove the toxins from Lou Beiyu’s dantian.

It’s just that the process will be quite long and painful.

The troublesome part is Lou Beiyu’s severed hamstrings.

In the Shen Musician’s inheritance memory, there are indeed skills that will enable her to reconnect tendons, the godly ability to regenerate flesh and bones.

The requirements needed in order to perform it are very demanding though. It also needs the use of Spiritual Energy to play the Tian Mo Qin.

Muyan only has the Internal Force in her body. She’s not familiar with what Spiritual Energy is, let alone how to use it.

However, Muyan found some relevant information in Baili Liuyin’s notes that aren’t recorded in the Shen Musician’s memory inheritance.

From the 21st century where Bali Liuyin used to live, that strange space-time employs an outrageous medical practice.


Lou Beiyu lies on the bed, his heart filled with apprehension. He looks towards Muyan.

Only to see her fiddling with weirdly shaped cutting tools (found in the space), and completely engrossed in reading a book.

Lou Beiyu can’t stop himself from asking, “Master, what are you looking at?”

“Hm… looking at the operation procedure.”

“What… what operation procedure?” Lou Beiyu goes pale; the ominous premonition intensifies.

Muyan looks up, a bright and happy smile on her little face, “I haven’t done surgery before, so I’m not very familiar with the correct procedure. That’s why I want to consolidate the steps before the surgery begins! Don’t you worry though, because I’ve just tested it on chicken legs. There shouldn’t be any problems… yea.”

Consolidate the steps before the surgery begins?! Just tested it on chicken legs?!

Lou Beiyu’s vision goes dark, he says with agitation, “M-m-master! Your apprentice is a person, not a chicken! You shouldn’t be too hasty, disciple’s legs are…


Xiao Bao pummels down with a fist and Lou Beiyu is immediately silenced.

His tiny expressionless face is lifted up as he spits out two words, “Too noisy!”

Muyan smilingly nods, her eyes are filled with praise, “Xiao Bao did the right thing, niangqin could now do without the anesthesia for him.”

After saying that, she kisses her baby son’s face.

Xiao Bao’s eyes are slightly arched up, the deep blue pupils are as beautiful as the luster of the sky.

One hour later, Lou Beiyu wakes up from a shooting pain on his legs.

He first cries out in pain, especially whenever he wants to move his feet. His whole body flounders in bed from the ache.

Soon however, the suffering on his face is replaced with euphoria, “Master, my feet, I could feel my feet.”

Does this mean that he… he will no longer be a cripple?

Muyan washes her hands and gathers the surgical tools back into the space. She then smiles and says: “I have already informed the city master of Yulan, a person from Chi Yan Country will pick you up later. I have already prepared three months’ worth of medicine for your poison, you should remember to take the required daily dosage…”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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