EMHS – ch55

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 55: This Pair of Mother and Child

Muyan arcs a brow at that statement. She rolls up the notes on her hand and raps it on her other palm. With a smile that isn’t a smile: “Oh, so you actually don’t need me to restore your cultivation and reconnect your leg tendons? I studied it so much in vain then. Very well, since you don’t want the treatment, I’ll send you…”

“Wait, wait!!” Lou Beiyu snaps his eyes wide open, incredulously saying, “Master, what did you just say?”

Muyan chuckles, “I didn’t say anything!”

“Did too, Master! You said! You said that you can restore my cultivation, and reconnect my leg tendons, didn’t you?!” Lou Beiyu struggles to sit up on the bed, his voice rising almost to shriek from excitement.

He was originally hopeless, so dropping an already-broken jar is all the same to him.

But now that he could see hope in his desperation, how could he possibly remain calm.

As Muyan is about to reply, the room’s door is pushed open.

Xiao Bao’s small, stubby figure walks in. The handsome little face is icy and expressionless.

He is carrying a food box that is larger than half his size, but he seems to be completely unencumbered and oblivious of its weight. He easily brings himself to Muyan’s side, looking up: “Niangqin, eat.”

“Mn, Xiao Bao is so good!” Muyan bends down and kisses her son’s cheek.

The food are all taken out from the container, and arranged on the table.

Xiao Bao conscientiously sits beside Muyan along the dining table, he picks a dish that Muyan likes, and with all seriousness he says, “Niangqin, eat slowly!”

Even Lou Beiyu, who is experiencing intense hope and expectation, anxiety and apprehension… couldn’t help but get dumbstruck after seeing this scene.

Hey! Hold on, aren’t you two confusing your roles of mother and child?

Shouldn’t Muyan be the one attending to Xiao Bao’s daily diet, prepare his meals, and feed him his favorite dishes?

But why is it that their roles are completely swapped right now?

Xiao Bao, this four-year-old child, is meticulously taking care of Master, so thoughtful and considerate. What is this supposed to be?

“Mas… Master, little senior, you…” Lou Beiyu gulps down and opens his parched mouth.

As Muyan eats heartily, she says, “Xiao Bao, your brother hasn’t eaten yet. Give him some too.”

Xiao Bao expressionlessly and carelessly scoops a bowl of rice. He puts it in front of Lou Beiyu.

He doesn’t even say anything like “eat it”, only leaving Lou Beiyu with a view of his proud and noble backside.

After returning to his position, he presents a plate of beef before Muyan, his cold childish voice saying: “Niangqin, eat more!”

“Aw, Xiao Bao should also eat more!” Muyan beams at her son.

Lou Beiyu just chokes, unable to say anything. Master, little senior, isn’t this such a huge difference in treatment?


“Master, is it true, when you said that you can cure me?”

Muyan is having her after-meal tea, cuddling her soft and sweet-smelling son. She just says in a contended tone, “What? You don’t believe me?”

“No no no, believe, I believe! I believe everything Master says!”

Muyan sets her cup down, speaking again, “There is a problem, however.”

“What… what problem?” Lou Beiyu’s heart surges up once more.

“The process may be a bit painful!”

Lou Beiyu lets go of the arm he uses prop himself up, flopping on the bed, “Master, please don’t tease me anymore. I’m not afraid of death, why would I be afraid of pain!”

“Good disciple. Since you have this kind of mentality, then it truly can’t be any better. Just as I, your Master, was worrying about where to practice my hand.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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