EMHS – ch54

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 54: Propose Marriage?!

Uncontrollably shaking, Elder Chang crawls up from the ground and furiously glares at Han Ye, “You said Jun Shang is open! Wanting a woman?!”

Han Ye: When did I say something like that that aaaah?!

Everyone who heard the commotion starts coming over. As they gathered, they see the pink-clothed young lady passed out on the ground, cutting a sorry figure. One after another, they all eventually expressed schadenfreude.

“Jun Shang is still so heartless and unfeeling; his heart is made of stone!”

“Yeah, Han Ye, you just want deceive us by saying that Jun Shang was passionate towards the woman of destiny. It’s enough of a stretch for Jun Shang to not directly kill the fated woman!”

In the midst of this discussion, a tall silhouette slowly emerges out of the chamber.

“Hail Jun Shang!” The people respectfully fall to their knees.

The man doesn’t acknowledge their presence as he just walks past them and heads towards the “Qian Kun Mirror”.

Han Ye feels his chest thumping, “Jun Shang, a-are you going to the lower bound?”

“Nn.” was the cold response to him.

Elder Chang couldn’t help but ask: “Jun Shang what are you going to do?” Why go to the Yanwu Continent again?

The man partly turns, indifferently giving everyone a sidelong glance. Then he says two words in a freezing tone, “Propose marriage!”

Boom boom boom-!

This is the sound that runs through the crowd.

Han Ye hurriedly goes to follow after the man. He turns back to look at Elder Chang and his companions, his mouth lifts up into a taunting smile.

You group of stupid mortals! Your father* tells you but you won’t believe!
*Slang. Not a literal father, but more like addressing oneself arrogantly.

Believe it now, right! Jun Shang is going to propose marriage…

Wait… hold on! Propose marriage?!

Jun Shang is going to ask for the hand of the destined woman?!!


The dim candle flame flickers in the dark.

Illuminated by the candlelight, there is graceful silhouette looking down and thumbing through something.

The long black hair cascades down from the top of her head. It is juxtaposed by the snow white skin, revealed every time the breeze gently sways the locks. Long lashes and light-colored lips, creating a timeless painting of serenity and beauty.

Lou Beiyu wakes up from the intense pain wracking his body. He opens his blurry eyes and beholds a surreal sight that takes his breath away.

Memories from before he lost consciousness slowly come to his mind; the feelings of oppression, suffocation, bitterness, and despair encroach unto his heart.

He remembers Gong Qian Teng and Jin Hong Men killing off his subordinates one by one. He remembers getting hanged and given a poison that will slowly impair his cultivation, he remembers his severed tendons…

And at last, he hears the sweet sound of a zither and familiar silken voice.

Lou Beiyu’s eyes redden, his lips move to call out in a hoarse voice, “Master!”

He never imagined that in his most desperate hour, the one who would come to save him would be the Master that he had just randomly recognized.

Muyan hears his voice and closes Baili Liuyin’s notebook. She turns and walks over.

“How are you feeling right now?” The woman’s voice is clear and gentle, with a soothing calmness.

It allows Lou Beiyu’s initially disconsolate heart slowly settle down and gain composure.

At first, he planned that he would think of ways to properly repay his Master once he returns to Chi Yan Country. But now, he has turned into a cripple and the only thing he can do, is not be a burden to Master.

“I’m… well.” he says in a croaking voice, and continues with a forced smile, “My cultivation as well as both legs… are crippled. At least, I still have this life. Master, thank you for saving my life. Afterwards, you can simply hand me to a guard in the city… they will deliver me back to the palace…”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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