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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 53: To Help Jun Shang

A look of interest shows in Muyan’s eyes. She takes back the sword and crosses her arms over her chest, looking at the old man expectantly.

The yellow-clothed man clenches his teeth and raises his sword towards Gong Qian Teng.

“Ou…oouu!!!!!” Gong Qian Teng desperately wants to retreat, but his body can’t move at all.

Finally, the sword on the old man’s hand whizzes and thrusts Gong Qian Teng’s heart.

He didn’t stop there, as he only used a few breaths to kill all of Gong Qian Teng’s guards and servants.

He wipes off the blood that splashed on his face. The old man slightly bows and deferentially says: “With this, is the girl convinced of my sincerity? Can the girl believe me that if you cooperate with our Jin Hong Men, you will surely get unexpected benefits?”

Muyan slowly walks over to Xiao Bao and touches his small head. She faintly smiles, “You’ve proven yourself worthy to be a person from Jin Hong Men, you can even so efficiently kill the brother of your sect’s master.”

“What?!” The man in yellow has his complexion change greatly.

Just as he is about to say something, he’s suddenly facing a longsword that’s flying towards him.

His eyes grow wider, wanting to dodge. But this sword that contains powerful mysterious energy, strikes towards him as fast as a bolt of lightning. It leaves him no room to dodge.

There’s a spluttering sound as the sword pierces through his neck, and the blade is firmly embedded there.

At the time of his death, the old man’s eyes are opened wide, unable to make sense of what just happened.

Muyan takes the Tian Mo Qin and the unconscious Lou Beiyu inside the space. She picks Xiao Bao up and drifts away, their figures slowly fading into the thick fog.

There is only an indistinct echo in this bloodied landscape, a melodious voice of a woman accompanied by the rustling of leaves.

“Cooperation with Jin Hong Men?”

“Heh… what good will the cooperation bring if Jin Hong Men will soon disappear from this world?”


Above the Ninth Heaven, Xiuxian Continent.

Han Ye has suffered hardships these past few days, because his few companions don’t believe him after he shared with everyone what he had seen back in Yanwu Continent.

“Elder Chang!” Han Ye turns around and sees that an elderly man and a beautiful young lady in pink are wordlessly standing behind him. He immediately becomes astonished, “Why- why have you come?”

Elder Chang ignores him, and leads the girl in pink to walk towards Jun Shang’s quarters.

“Wait, wait, Elder Chang. What do you want to do? Don’t you know that Jun Shang’s place prohibits women from entering?”

Elder Chang sends him a quick glance: “You said that Jun Shang wants to experience a woman. Since he wants a woman, I naturally have to help Jun Shang. How can we let Jun Shang be repressed?”

Saying so, he doesn’t wait for Han Ye’s response, as he takes the bashful girl and leads her in through the door.

Han Ye’s breathing becomes messy: When did I say that Jun Shang wants to have a woman a!

Jun Shang just kissed her in the mouth, not even holding her hands. How did it become ‘experiencing a woman’ aaaah!

However, the doors are already closing before his eyes.

Han Ye gulps and thinks to himself, is Jun Shang really open to experience now?

Just at this time, there’s a sudden bang.

The whole gigantic door breaks apart, and comes falling down.

Elder Chang and the girl in pink are kicked out along with the broken door.

Moments ago when she entered, the slim and graceful lady in pink was just beautifully dressed up. Now, her whole body is charred, battered and haggard.

Jun Shang’s bone-deep cold voice is heard from within the now-wide entrance, “Chang Ying, I didn’t think that you’re tired of living!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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