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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 52: Killing the Employer?

Everyone focuses their attention on what had fallen to the ground. It turns out to be a tongue.

Muyan’s takes her ice-cold gaze away from Gong Qian Teng’s face. She displays a lazy smile, merely saying two words, “Too noisy.”

The old man’s face changes and he grinds his teeth: “You are very vicious and merciless.”

Muyan plucks the zither’s string once again; the rope binding Lou Beiyu is instantly severed.

Xiao Bao, beside Muyan, rushes out like a bolt of lightning. In a blink of an eye, the blood-covered Lou Beiyu is dragged towards Muyan. She takes out a mysterious plant and feeds it to Lou Beiyu.

Lou Beiyu opens his viscous eyes and sees the figures of Muyan and Xiao Bao. The rims of his eyes redden, he croaks, “Master, little senior, kill me and then run away! I don’t want to live as a handicap and be humiliated. I don’t want to burden you either… they are people of Jin Hong Men. They are from a famous assassin organization in Yanwu Continent. I don’t want to burden you…”


Xiao Bao knocks him out with a fist. The small, chilly face spits out two words: “Too noisy!”

Muyan chuckles, she looks towards the old man and unhurriedly says, “Being vicious and merciless, how many people would dare compare with Jin Hong Men in that aspect? Your slightest displeasure could cause whole families to ruin. You’ve done nothing less these recent years, right?”

The old man smirks proudly and says: “It seems that you’re aware, you won’t have a good end if you offend our Jin Hong Men!”

Muyan hands the qin over to Xiao Bao, then conveniently picks up a sword from the ground. She beams: “What a coincidence, I would like to throw those words back – you won’t have a good end if you offend me!”

Even though the person before him has a child, she only looks about 17 or 18 years old.

In the old man’s eyes, she’s just a silly little girl.

He may still have some level of fear if Muyan had chosen to use the zither. Does this girl really want to beat him in swordsmanship? Hehe, what a joke!

“Just a little girl daring to threaten this old man. You should know that this old man’s cultivation has reached the late Heaven stage. You can only pay the price of not knowing how high is the sky and how wide is the earth!”

After a time it would take to make tea.

The yellow-clad old man stares at the sword pointing at his neck. He is shaking from head to toe, his eyes are filled with shock and disbelief: “Impossible, this is impossible! Precelestial… how could you be a Precelestial Practitioner?!”

A Precelestial teenage girl, who would believe it? Who can believe it?!!

Just how many Precelestial practitioner are there in Yanwu Continent?

Which one isn’t on their seventies or eighties, or even at their hundredth years?!

Gong Qianxue has shocked the world for being a twenty-two-year-old Heaven stage practitioner. If so, how would this eighteen-year-old Precelestial Practitioner’s name resound?!

The old man shivers. He takes a look at his own body lying prone on the ground, and he makes an effort to maintain his calm: “Our Jin Hong Men is an assassination organization. We have always taken money to eliminate other people. If the girl is willing to be lenient, Jin Hong Men will surely return the favor to the girl afterwards.”

“Oh?” Muyan curls her lips up, she gives a smile that isn’t a smile, “Saying so much, are you going to betray your employer and defect towards me?”


“And if your employer doesn’t agree?” Muyan looks towards Gong Qian Teng, who is frightened on the wicker chair.

There isn’t a sliver of conflict within the yellow-clothed man’s eyes. He callously says: “Might as well kill him. Without an employer, naturally, the mission won’t be a failure.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  1. Oh crap there’s another impressive youngling no one tell Gong Qianxue or else she’ll be tempted to kill again.
    Thank you.


  2. Woooww so easily betraying your employers. LOL Muyan, just kill him. Bet he will report her to his organization for revenge.

    Thanks for the chapter. Really enjoyed it💕


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