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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 41: Unable to Live Past Ten Years Old

Speaking till here, tears escape from Baili Yinlou’s eyes. There is unwillingness and enmity in them, but more than that, there is longing and sadness.

Muyan deepens her frown and takes Xiao Bao back in her arms: “So, you are a ghost now?”

“No, I’m just a strand of Baili Yinlou’s soul.” She says with a sigh, “Back then I, with my own mouth, promised my people that I would make sure to pass on the legacy of the Shen Musicians. This is the most cherished desire of all who died from the God Musician Hall. This is what I must accomplish even after I die. A thousand years have gone by and I thought I couldn’t keep on waiting anymore. I didn’t expect that We have finally found you.”

Muyan raises her brows and asks, “You mean to say, I am the chosen heir of the Shen Musicians?”

“Yes! For a thousand years, you are the only one who have passed the space’s trials, as well as receive the recognition as master of the Tian Mo Qin.”

“Why should I accept your inheritance?” Muyan says slowly.

Baili Yinlou blankly replies, “You can see how powerful a Shen Musician is, and with the inheritance, you will move unhindered through the Three Realms…”

“But aren’t you also the target of a multitude of arrows?” Muyan smiles derisively, “Having your inheritance means that one day, I will also be chased by countless experts that want to kill me.”

Baili Yinlou sneers, “Are you afraid?”

She has a taunting expression. Muyan smiles and, without any psychological burden, admits, “Yes, I am afraid! So please, take back your inheritance.”

While talking, Muyan looks at Xiao Bao with a soft glow in her eyes.

If she wants the ability to exact revenge, then she will take the Shen Musician Inheritance without the least bit of hesitation.

But she has Xiao Bao now and she can’t possibly pour all her life’s energy into hatred.

If she accepts the inheritance and becomes the kill target of all those terrible and unknown forces, then what’s to be done if Xiao Bao gets implicated?

Baili Yinlou chokes on air from Muyan’s reply. But when she sees the way Muyan is staring at Xiao Bao, her mind stirs, “Are you not willing to accept the inheritance because you’re afraid of involving this little Immortal beside you? Then I’ll give you an advice, it would be best for you to accept.”

“What do you mean?” Muyan raises her brows.

“The body of an Immortal would not survive past ten years old in this Yanwu Continent, that is without any Spiritual Energy. Even if he reaches the upper boundary of Yanwu Continent, he can only survive for another two or three years…”

Muyan’s expression suddenly transforms. Her gaze on Baili Yinlou is no longer carefree and easygoing, only a chilling frost remains: “Speak clearly!”

“The Immortal physique is the purest spiritual body in the world. If he is in the Xiuxian Continent, his speed of cultivation can be a hundred times faster than others. But in the Yanwu Continent and Xiuzhen Continent, where the Spiritual Energy is scarce and impure, he will only deteriorate day after day until he dies. .”

Baili Yinlou looks deep into Muyan’s eyes and says: “I don’t know how could there be such a pure Immortal in this lower Continent, but you should know that I speak no lies, I don’t have to deceive you. Accepting the Shen Musician inheritance and truly controlling Tian Mo Qin – that is the fastest way you can fly to the Xiuxian Continent.”

Muyan purses her lips tightly, the hand hanging on her side clenches slightly.

Xiao Bao seems to feel her unease and conflict. He raises his head and calls out softly, “Niangqin”.

Looking down on her son’s adorable little face, the clouds in her eyes disperse, with a tender gaze she says: “Xiao Bao, niangqin will become a Shen Musician, and then I’ll take you to a higher and wider world, okay?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. I think this may be the best mother MC character I’ve ever read in a Chinese novel. Her decisions are clear and decisive, made prioritizing her child above any and all other temptations from revenge to power. I really appreciate that.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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