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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 36: Because It’s the Strongest

Xiao Bao nods his head and holds the white rabbit to his chest.

If Niangqin says its stir-fried rabbit, then it’s a stir-fried rabbit; if Niangqin says that it his spirit beast, then it’s his spirit beast.

Niangqin is always right!

Muyan once again looks at the rabbit thoughtfully.

If it can swallow a sacred egg and still not suffer indigestion, it seems that this is not an ordinary rabbit!

Her son’s luck is really heaven-defying. He just casually picks up a rabbit and it turns out to be even more powerful than a sacred animal…

As she was thinking, the woman’s mild voice suddenly speaks in her mind again: “The second test of the Godly Musician’s inheritance has begun.”

“Within half an hour, from all the instruments in this palace, you must choose the musical instrument that is passed down from the God musician. Pick the wrong one and all the living people in this place will die; pick the right one and you will go to the third place of inheritance. The countdown starts now.”

Muyan is startled, the instrument passed down by the god musicians?

She looks at the densely packed palace. How could she pick when every direction has hundreds of instruments?

Her gaze darts to those twisted skeletons and her pupils suddenly contracts.

So these bones didn’t belong to the previous owners of this palace.

Instead, they belonged to those who previously entered the God Musicians test of inheritance, and eventually failed the trial.

On each of these skeletons’ hands, there is a musical instrument!

Therefore, if they choose the wrong one, they will ultimately end up just like those skeletons.

Still, the most important thing to consider is Xiao Bao.

Muyan frowns as she really wants to quit this God Musician interitance. However, this palace is clearly a sealed space. They can’t get out even if she wants to withdraw

“Niangqin, what’s wrong?” Xiao Bao asks, tilting his head up.

Muyan presses an acupoint on her temple: “Niangqin is now taking a test. It’s to find the God Musician’s instrument from this numerous musical instruments. However, niangqin doesn’t have a clue at the moment.”

Xiao Bao “Oh,” his tiny head tilts, “Is it the most powerful instrument?”

“That’s… probably.”

Hearing Muyan’s words, Xiao Bao pads away with his short legs, and arrives to a corner of the room. He kicks away more than a dozen worn-out and broken yaoqins, then digs and even more broken one from beneath them. Then he drags it, rattling, over to her side.

Muyan is quite astonished; the mild female voice once again speaks in her head, “You have selected a musical instrument. Are you certain? It is considered final unless you put it down within a count of three. Three… Two…”

“Xiao Bao, let go!!” Muyan’s face abruptly changes, she darts as fast as she could to her son.

In the end, it is still a step too late. The final count “one” is heard in her mind, “Musical instrument selected, the second trial for the God Musician’s Instrument, the result is…”

Muyan holds Xiao Bao tightly in her arms and closes her eyes.

At this point she can only wait for their fate.

However, in the next moment, she hears the mild female voice pause then announce the outcome: “The result of the trial – passed. The third place of inheritance of the God Musician will now open.”

The scene before their eyes transforms again, but Muyan couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

She dumbly looks at Xiao Bao, then turns to look at the beat-up qin that he’s holding in his small hands.

“Xiao Bao, do you know what kind of qin it is?”

Xiao Bao shakes his head.

Muyan: “Then why did you pull it out?”

Xiao Bao thinks for a moment and says: “Because it is the strongest.”

Muyan picks up the qin and turns it over and over. She tries to examine it but she doesn’t find any clues.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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