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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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Chapter 35: Promotion from Stir-fried Rabbit to Pet

Muyan bandages up her wounds before setting forth with Xiao Bao to examine their surroundings.

Where they’re currently at is completely different from the cave from earlier. It appears to be a room in an abandoned palace.

The reason why one could say it’s an abandoned place, is because there’s layers of dust everywhere and there are a lot of cobwebs.

Tables, chairs, and stone benches are scattered on the ground. One could also see some broken wine cups. All of which also have cobwebs on them.

There are several bodies that have turned into skeletons lying in various places in the room.

From the distortions and damage on those remains, one can infer the pain that these people suffered before they died.


Looking at this desolate palace, Muyan could feel an indescribable sense of bleakness in her mind.

She feels like she’s looking at the curtains being drawn from a once magnificent and flourishing play.

That’s only for a moment as she throws the thought at the back of her mind.

What’s peculiar about this place is the musical instruments are piled up everywhere.

That’s right, all kinds of musical instruments.

There are lutes, zithers, guqins, pan pipes, flutes, harps, ocarinas, sheng…… all the musical instruments that Muyan had seen before can be found here.

However, some of these instruments are already extremely worn out, but some are bright and beautiful, and there also some that have an ominous breath that could give people a faintly creepy feeling.

Muyan remembers what the woman’s gentle voice had mentioned – Godly Musician’s inheritance.

She had never heard of any sort of God Musician in the Yanwu Continent. It seems that this should be the inheritance of some musician?

In Yanwu Continent, there were also ancient practitioners who specialize in music.

The internal force is injected into an instrument. It can disrupt the human mind in battle, and if trained to a high level, the sound waves can also cause injuries.

There are even musicians who can use internal force to calm patients’ minds and have them recover more quickly.

But overall, musician is just an auxiliary profession. In Yanwu Continent, where the strong is respected, there are not a lot of people who specialize in it.

As Muyan is thinking, Xiao Bao shuffles with his short little legs and brings over the white rabbit.

“Here niangqin, stir-fried rabbit meat.” The little guy hands over the fat rabbit, expecting to be praised.

Muyan picks up the fat rabbit but finds it deep asleep like a damned pig. It seems completely unaware that it’s being picked up by the scruff.

She couldn’t help but get curious: “What happened to it? Did it get hurt from falling down the cliff?”

Xiao Bao shakes his head, “The rabbit fell asleep after it swallowed that woman’s egg?”

Muyan stares blankly as she waits for Xiao Bao to tell the whole story – how the fat rabbit swallowed the sacred beast that Gong Qianxue desperately wants to form a contract with. For a moment, she looks like she doesn’t know how to deal with that.

The wind really didn’t blow in a direction where Gong Qianxue contracted with a sacred animal, like in the past life.

In this life, she thought that there was no way to destroy Gong Qianxue’s plan because she had to save Xiao Bao from the drop.

She didn’t expect that the sacred beast would actually get swallowed by this fat rabbit.

After a while, she couldn’t help but laugh heartily, “Ah, stupid rabbit, it seems like you’re good for something after all? Well then, seeing that you’ve done something great, we won’t have stir-fried rabbit.”

Muyan hugs the fat fluffy rabbit as she says that. Her hands slide along the soft silken fur, it feels so good.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Bao couldn’t help but tense his little face and cling on to Muyan’s thigh. He raises his head and stares intently at Muyan.

Muyan is amused by her adorable boy’s appearance. She leans down and kisses both soft and tender cheeks. She then hands the sleeping fat rabbit to Xiao Bao, “You should raise it well. Later, this will be your spirit beast.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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