EMHS – ch29

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 29: Swallowed!!

“It’s too late! Who allowed you to overestimate yourself, actually establishing a spiritual contract with my sacred beast? Hehe, now that your blood contract bead has not completely merged with your body, I only have to dig out your bead and eat it. Then, the sacred beast will still belong to me!”

Lin Sitong desperately struggles to escape, but her limbs are quickly immobilized.

In the next moment, the sharp pain from her stomach made Lin Sitong unable to suppress a miserable howl.

However, Gong Qianxue and her subordinate are completely unmoved. Gong Qianxue’s hand even rummages within Lin Sitong’s dantian, producing terrible sounds from moving the internal organs.

Lin Sitong’s miserable shrieks become weaker and weaker, her lips turn blue, and her eyes become sluggish: clearly near the point of dying.

Finally, Gong Qianxue finds the bead of the blood contract and couldn’t help but laugh.

In front of Lin Sitong, she swallows the Blood Contract Bead.

Sure enough, the bead melts into her body and she finally feels a contractual bond with the sacred beast. The egg on her hand produces a cracking sound.

“Princess, this is very good! The sacred beast will soon be born!”

“Congratulations princess, you will soon be the first person in Yanwu Continent to have a sacred beast contracted as a companion!”

Gong Qianxue carefully sets the sacred beast egg on the ground, her eyes stare unblinkingly at red marbling that is getting brighter and brighter. It slowly reveals web-like cracks on the shell.

At the same time, her body begins to surge with strong Internal force, Gong Qianxue’s face glows with a frantic excitement.

Just at this moment, the underbrush at the side suddenly moves.

Gong Qianxue and others are startled, thinking that someone had heard the commotion and have come to snatch the sacred beast egg.

Turning to look, they only find a plump snow-white rabbit emerging out of the underbrush, shuffling towards the sacred egg.

Gong Qianxue and others relax their stance.

Just a rabbit, nobody will put it in their eyes.

They are too lazy to even kill.

As the cracks are getting bigger and bigger on the sacred egg placed the ground, faint golden light slips out from the gaps.

“Ao, ao – a wuu……” A faint beast-like sound could be heard coming from within the egg, and a formidable pressure permeates between the heavens and the earth.

Gong Qianxue’s subordinate couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is the sacred beast? Such a powerful oppression!”

“Yes, I haven’t felt such oppression even from a peak Heaven Grade!”

“The princess having a contract with the sacred beast will be invincible in Yanwu Continent hereafter!”

Gong Qianxue represses the restless surging of boundless power within her. Her scorching gaze is unblinking at that instant, staring at the sacred beast egg splitting open little by little.

Soon, just a little bit more, she will become an unmatched owner of a sacred beast.

After that, breaking through Yanwu Continent and ascending to the upper realm will no longer be just a dream.

However, just when the sacred beast’s eggshell is about to be completely split open,

The silly rabbit at the side suddenly opens its mouth, there is an ‘ao wu’ sound when it takes the soon-to-be hatched egg, and swallows it whole, with the eggshell and the sacred beast inside.

Swallowed the sacred egg!

Swallowed it!!

Gong Qianxue and her guards, who were standing by and anxiously waiting, are petrified.

Even Lin Sitong, who was continuously losing vitality, also sees this scene and couldn’t help the bright glow in her eyes.

“Beast!!” Gong Qianxue has an immediate reaction, she screams and spares no effort to grab the rabbit, and holds it by the neck, “Quickly regurgitate my sacred beast egg!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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  1. The little rabbit is stronger than the sacred “beast”, right? Good job, little rabbit!

    Thank you for the chapter!!


  2. Isn’t this rabbit a little too smart? Stealing expensive fruit as offerings for Xiao Boa and eating sacred beasts whole. Where does a bunny get such an eye for quality anyway?
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  5. Marvelous, excellent, can’t describe this scene with few words, if there are this type of unexpected scenes in future chapters, this will be my new favorite novel.


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