EMHS – ch26

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Bonus Chapter!

T/N: Unfortunately, the weekly bonus chapters for this week will be delayed. I’m only editing the announcement on this scheduled chapter. There are some server issues that I need to deal with – for some reason, I can’t access sites like wordpress sometimes (youtube, google, and fb are on ALL the time. I don’t know what’s up with this). It’s much easier for me to schedule them all in one go, so we’ll have double releases within this week 🙂


Chapter 26: Stir-fried Rabbit Meat for Niangqin to Eat

“Mother, where are we going?” Xiao Bao holds onto MuYan with one hand, while hugging a stupid rabbit with the other. He walks with his small short legs padding along, his handsome face taut, but he finally couldn’t help but ask.

MuYan thinks for a moment and picks up her son. She isn’t perfunctory about the issue just because Xiao Bao is too young. Instead, she replies with a lowered voice: “There was a group of bad people who had bullied niangqin. Niangqin is now going to find them for revenge.”

Xiao Bao’s soft and pink little face immediately shows a dense murderousness, “Xiao Bao won’t let the bad people that bullied Nianqin get away.”

“Xiao Bao is so good!” MuYan couldn’t help but kiss her baby boy.

Xiao Bao blushes. Just as he’s about to ask where the bad guys are, MuYan suddenly brightens and puts Xiao Bao down.

She just hurriedly steps forward and parts a bush open. Sure enough, she sees an unremarkable red fruit in it.

“A Ninth rank Red Flame Fruit!” The usually calm MuYan couldn’t help but gasp.

A Ninth rank Red Flame Fruit is a first rate Mysterious Plant in Yanwu Continent. It can be used for alchemy, as well as medicine.

If you take it out for sale, you can sell it at an astronomical price.

“Xiao Bao, stay close and protect nianqin, don’t let anyone disturb me, okay?”

The Red Flame Fruit must be harvested along with its roots. Even a slight damage during this process would diminish the medicinal properties of the Red Flame Fruit by half.

Xiao Bao nods in a serious manner. He obediently stands at the side while holding a rabbit.

Some time passes, then suddenly, the quiet rabbit in Xiao Bao’s arms twitches its nose and abruptly jumps out.

Xiao Bao is surprised and turns to look.

He could see that the rabbit didn’t leave but it stands still, turning to look at him with eager bean-like eyes.

“Stir-fried rabbit meat for nianqin to eat …” Xiao Bao whispers and takes a few steps. He closes in on the rabbit, trying to catch the food provision.

But just when he moves to grab, the rabbit nimbly jumps away.

Then continues to stay in place.

Xiao Bao pursues in this manner step by step, not noticing that his mother’s figure behind him is gradually getting covered by fog, until he could no longer see it.

After MuYan completed harvesting the Red Flame Fruit, she turns her head and only sees the remnants of her son’s tracks disappearing in the fog.

Her face changes and she quickly gives chase.


Deep within the fog, two beautiful maidens walk together. The slightly older one wears a red attire, her cold glamorous appearance showing nobility.

The younger one, although slightly inferior in appearance, has delicate and pretty features. Her clear eyes are especially clever and bright, making people become unconsciously attracted.

“Qianxue sister, I’m so unlucky today ah! It wasn’t easy to make my senior agree to take me to the Fog Forest, but I actually got separated with him in the end. Fortunately I encountered you; otherwise I’d already been torn up by the strange animals.”

Gong Qianxue gives a warm smile, “It’s only a small matter, how many times do you have to thank me for it? Not to mention, when I first saw you as a kindred spirit, I already thought of you as a little sister. Of course I can’t see you being bullied. Do you dislike having me as a sister?”

“How could that be!” Lin Sitong exclaims. “You are Yanwu Continent’s youngest Heaven Grade expert. I can’t idolize you enough! Being a sister to you is just like a dream!”

The more Lin Sitong talks, the more excited she gets. She looks at Gong Qianxue with eyes full of admiration and reaches out to grab the other’s arm. She happily walks next to the her.

Impatience flickers within Gong Qianxue’s eyes. She calmly retrieves her hand out of Lin Sitong’s grasp.

But on the surface, she still maintains the appearance of a caring sister, talking to her gently from time to time.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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