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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 23 Against Xiao Bao

“Third Highness, you mustn’t! If you are harmed: how will we explain it to the Emperor?!”

Lou Beiyu is slightly pale, but his expression is extremely firm, “I have recognized Master. How can I allow Master to be humiliated and do nothing about it?”

“Hehe… whoever said that you’re the one going?” MuYan says unhurriedly.

Surprised, Lou Beiyu turns to look at MuYan. “Is there someone other than me? None of my subordinates have broken through Earth Grade.”

Does Master want to use her own hand?

As he thinks of that, MuYan’s slightly curls her lips and reveals a beguiling smile, “Xiao Bao, complete this bet for your junior brother*! By all means, don’t take this lightly and consign your mother away!”
*Lou Beiyu addresses Xiao Bao as a Senior Brother, like same-sect disciples would: shixiong. Here, Lou Beiyu is called shidi, or junior brother.

Standing with a taut appearance next to MuYan, the little boy with an exquisite little face nods and says “Xiao Bao will not give Niangqin to anyone!”

After that, he takes a few steps forward and stands squarely in front of Gong Qian Teng.

The audience is deathly still –

“Ma…… M-Ma-Master!! Xiao Bao is only four years old ah!” Lou Beiyu practically goes crazy, he screams in a high-pitched voice, almost like a girl, “That Gong Qian Teng is already on Earth Grade, and he will never show mercy to a child. Y-y-you…how can you allow senior Xiao Bao to go up…”

Gong Qian Teng looks at Xiao Bao standing in front of him. He feels as if he is being subjected to disgrace and humiliation.

He glares fiercely at MuYan and concludes, “Are you courting death?!”

“Master, let me fight instead. Even if I can’t beat Gong Qian Teng, at least he will not kill me with my identity as the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country.” Lou Beiyu is anxious to rush over and take Xiao Bao back.

MuYan gives him a sidelong glance, looking calm and unruffled as she finds that bluestone to sit down. With a relaxed expression, “Just a soft embroidered pillow of a straw bag (idiot), my Xiao Bao is more than enough to deal with him! Or maybe…”

Her long eyelashes slightly flutter, and when she raises them, they reveal a breathtakingly cold light, “His Royal Highness, the Second Prince of Jing Cheng Country doesn’t even have the courage to accept a mere four-year-old child’s duel invitation?”

“I don’t have the courage to accept, you say?!” Gong Qian Teng sneers with great anger, “Good! You are the first woman to have the nerve that Benwang could admire. In return, now I will absolutely torture this little brat to death. I hope you could still laugh when that time comes, hahahaha…”

“Master -!!” Lou Beiyu cries out again.

But it was too late then, Gong Qian Teng hooks his hands into claws. Mysterious Energy raging in his body, he quickly charges towards Xiao Bao’s skull to ruthlessly maul it.

“Ah–!!” Lou Beiyu’s maid can’t help but flinch away, looking completely horrified and unable to stand it.

However, the guards on Gong Qian Teng’s side are all untroubled. Laughing and joking in amusement, they’re waiting to see this little kid brutally tortured by Their Highness, until he’s better off dead.

After all, one has the strength of an Earth grade practitioner, while the other is only a four-year old child.

Between the two, Xiao Bao is barely tall enough to reach Gong Qian Teng’s thigh when they stand together.

With the exception of MuYan, none of them believe that Xiao Bao could go against Gong Qian Teng.

They think that this child wouldn’t even be able to block a strike from Gong Qian Teng.

As he stands in place however, Xiao Bao’s delicate little face is still frosty.

No panic, no despair, no anger.

When Gong Qian Teng’s hands, covered by strong Internal force, arrives right in front of him, Xiao Bao immediately extends his small, fair and tender hand. He gives a light push at Gong Qian Teng.

Boom–! A reverberating sound!!

A fierce gale dances within the Fog Forest, whisking the leaves, and creating whorls in the fog.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. I had thought she would fight him herself, but it looks like she wants to give Xiao Bao a chance to show off in front of a better audience than bears.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. Hey can you please pick up unscrupulous enchantress: elder miss arrive. It’s very good novel with powerful strong cold mc


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