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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 22 Bet for Me

Suddenly operating his Internal force, there was a bursting sound as he unexpectedly crushes Gou Zifei’s skull.

Blood and brain matter flow down from Gou Zifei’s head, streaming down her aggrieved, unseeing eyes.

Gong Qian Teng casually jerks his hand and Gou Zifei is thrown straight to the ground.

The eyes are wide, the breath ceased forever.

The pair of beautiful big eyes stares right at the sky, holding unknown hatred, regret, or despair.

Gong Qian Teng wipes his hand with a handkerchief that a servant girl handed over, and he randomly throws it aside before smilingly looking towards MuYan.

It was as if, what he had just killed was not his favorite concubine.

And just some pet cat or dog.

“Little Beauty, do you understand now?” Gong Qian Teng approaches MuYan step by step, reaching out, intending to grasp her small and exquisite, spotlessly white, perfect chin, “As long as you listen to me, you can get everything you want. Including the glory, splendor, wealth and rank that mortals can never think of, as well as precious Mysterious plants…”

Lou Beiyu steps forward and slaps the hand that Gong Qian Teng stretched toward MuYan, keeping the mother and child behind him, “Gong Qian Teng, if you want to humiliate me, just directly come at me. Don’t have any ideas against my master. My Master simply doesn’t have Gou Zifei’s kind of greed and vanity!”

“Hahaha, Lou Beiyu, you step out and assume this posture of a hero saving a beauty: it seems that you’re really fond of this little beauty! But the more you love, the more I want to take it…”

Lou Beiyu looks livid, the Internal force bubbling in his body, as if it’s ready to break out at any time.

The ridicule and complacency intensifies within Gong Qian Teng’s eyes, “Hasn’t it always been said that a beauty befits a hero? Since you so hate to part with this little beauty, why don’t we wager for her: the one who wins will take her away, and loser will kneel down like a dog and crawl
for a round here? What do you think?”

“My Master is not a wager! I will not bet with you!” Lou Beiyu says with gritted teeth.

“Are you afraid of losing to Benwang so you say that you don’t want to bet? Lou Beiyu, in the end, you’re just useless green turtle (cuckold)… Hahaha, then shouldn’t you just kneel on the ground and start barking, and then crawl under Benwang’s crotch? Benwang would then consider returning this beauty to you for two days.”

Lou Beiyu, as well as each one of his guards, tremble from head to toe.

However, no matter if it’s Lou Beiyu against Gong Qian Teng, or his guards against Gong Qian Teng’s guards: the former couldn’t win against the latter.

Just when Lou Beiyu was losing his mind in anger, a clear and incredibly pleasant voice chimes in.

“You’re betting with me as a wager? I’m actually quite interested.”

From her arms, MuYan sets Xiao Bao on the ground while she says that with a smile.

“Master -!” Lou Beiyu exclaims.

As Gong Qian Teng hears the clear, enchanting, and languid voice – he feels as if his bones melted halfway, “Little Beauty, I didn’t think you would be so sensible, even your guts are a lot bigger than Lou Beiyu’s faint-heart. Hahaha, good good! You really suit Benwang’s taste; Benwang will certainly favor and spoil you for days!”

Lou Beiyu hears Gong Qian Teng’s humiliating words and both of his hands firmly clench into fists. He steps forward and tightly bites the bullet, “Alright, I’ll wager against you!”

This so-called gamble, it is a test of Martial Arts!

An early-stage Earth grade, against a mid-level Earth grade, will definitely just lose.

Lou Beiyu’s entire guard look overwhelmed with shock, they immediately move to prevent it.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. You know for two princes who aren’t from the same country, and so aren’t fighting for the same throne, this guy is weirdly fixated on Lou Beiyu.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Can you please pick unscrupulous enchantress: elder miss is arrived. It’s short novel with 90 chapters
    I really like this mc is powerful, strong cold merciless.


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