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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 13: “Beauty” A Masterwork

Xiao Bao’s eyes are slightly curved up, his irises are sparkling and his ears red.

Although the little face is still frigid, anyone can see that he is happy.

Ah, how can he be so cute! This is simply cheating!

MuYan cuddles her son to her chest and kisses him several time before releasing him.

Looking at Lou Beiyu and the others, she says with a mockery of a smile: “Xiao Bao, let’s play a fun game, all right?”

“What game?”

“Hehe, you will know in a moment.”


A little while later, the two maids, and the head of the Flying Fish unit with the other guards, are stripped naked by MuYan and Xiao Bao.

Only the important parts are covered by leaves that Xiao Bao’s got from outside, barely half-covering them.

These group of people feel ashamed and indignant, they wish they fainted instead.

However, they don’t know what MuYan had fed them so that not only could they not muster any strength, but neither could they release their internal force. They can’t even make a sound.

MuYan walks up to Lou Beiyu while flourishing the thin, silken clothes and smilingly says: “Your Highness Third Prince, don’t you like this dress?”

Lou Beiyu shakes his head in fear, but soon afterwards, he tries to appear fierce despite being cowardly inside: “You- you can’t do anything crazy; I’m the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country. Raise a hand against me and you’ll never have a good end.”

“Rest assured, I won’t hit you.” MuYan laughs like a fox would, “I’m only interested in drawing a picture of you.”

Very quickly, Lou Beiyu’s clothes are stripped completely and then replaced with those transparent garments.

Xiao Bao wears an icy face, and positions the nude and immobile people into various positions.

For one, the head guard is The Drunken Beauty. (*an opera character)

Next, the two maids are a pair of mandarin ducks with necks intersecting. (*mandarin ducks = affectionate couple)

Then Lou Beiyu is splayed beautifully on the couch, boundlessly amorous.

Even the few guards have their legs raised up, making erotic and difficult positions.

MuYan looks on as Xiao Bao arranges them in various poses per her request, and couldn’t help herself but laugh out loud.

She feels that her son is really talented!

She very quickly spreads out the pen and paper, and begins to draw them.

On the other hand, Xiao Bao drives the carriage to continue on the road.

Once the carriage arrives at a lively countryside market, MuYan finally sets the pen down.

She gently raises her hand and sends her internal force.

Lou Beiyu and the others immediately regain their freedom.

However, they maintained the same position for too long, and their limbs are numb. Once they regained mobility, they cut a sorry figure and slump to the floor.

MuYan lifts up her newly-completed painting for them to see, “How about it? Are you satisfied with your own likeness?”

As soon as the guardsmen and their leader saw their own figures in the painting, their sight just turn black and they can’t wait to pass out.

Th-th-this, with both legs raised high, how could the man leaning against another man possible be him?!

There’s also that seductive and bashful expression, how can he make that face!

If they let people see something like this, they needn’t be called human thence after!! Just go directly to find blocks of tofu to bash their heads against! (like hang oneself with noodles)

The head guardsman’s expression turns ashen; he rushes to snatch the painting from MuYan’s hands.

MuYan lets out a laugh and opens the carriage window, “I can make several copies of this painting even with my eyes closed. It would be such a waste if I’m the only one that would admire it. What if I spread this painting out for everyone to appreciate… tsk tsk, it would be too wasteful to just disseminate it here so when we enter a big town later, I’ll have to make a few more copies.”

“Do not -!!”

“-not allowed to hand out -!!!”

“Aahh—!! If this painting is seen by others, how can I live in the future!?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father


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