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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 12 Xiao Bao is the Best

The Flying Fish Guard, who had just escorted Jun MuYan in, could not help but stress that: “Don’t you know that your younger brother is still in our hands right now? If you are sensible then you should be good and obey us, otherwise don’t blame us for being unkind to him!”

“My brother?” Jun MuYan stares blankly for a moment before realizing that they’re probably referring to Xiao Bao.

She couldn’t help but chuckle and with laughter in her voice, asks, “Oh? You guys are using the fact that Xiao Bao is with you to threaten me?”

“Exactly, so you better listen to the Third Prince.”

Lou Beiyu adds: “You shouldn’t worry, Miss. I will really just draw, and absolutely nothing else. And after the work is done, I will give you generous rewards. You will definitely not suffer any losses.”

“Putting on a half-naked attire to model for a painting, mn, well, that’s actually interesting… great idea!” Jun MuYan touches her chin and shows a smile.

“Excellent, since Miss is interested, please quickly change into this dress!”

MuYan takes the attire with an a smile increasingly expanding on her face. The little face that originally seems noble and holy, like a fallen immortal, changes at that instant – becoming incomparably evil and beguiling.

Just as Lou Beiyu is lost in a daze, a sudden light flashes in front of him.

He only feels a pain on his waist, and immediately loses all his strength. He gives a cry ‘ow!’ and falls to the ground.

The guards on the side jump up in fright. They cry out ‘You Highness!’ and rush out to come and help.

Their feet suddenly slip on something and they also follow stumbling to the ground.

The maids are even more vulnerable. Before they could muster up any sort of reaction, they are already completely immobile.

MuYan holds the half-transparent clothing waves it before Lou Beiyu as she approaches him, “You have a really good eye for this. I too, also think that this would suit you.”

“You … what do you want to do?!” Lou Beiyu struggles to sit up but finds himself unable to move.

They never would have thought that this fragile-looking girl would actually be so powerful.

That Flying Fish guard is even more shocked due to disbelief. He was a practitioner at the peak of Primary Stage.

His Highness has a much higher cultivation than him.

Yet they can’t even meet this girl’s blow.

“You, you don’t mess around ah! Don’t tell me that you don’t want your brother’s life?”

He barely finished what he’s saying when the carriage’s curtain is lifted open.

The cold, small and clever face of Xiao Bao enters, dragging along the leader of the Flying Fish guard in his hand and throwing him before MuYan.

He immediately treads over to her, then hugs her leg, “Niangqin, are you okay?”

The little sprout’s expression is still ice-cold, but those beautiful blue eyes are filled with concern.

MuYan pulls his tiny face up and kisses him on both cheeks, “Don’t worry, Niang is naturally okay. Did Xiao Bao subdue everyone outside?”

Xiao Bao expressionlessly nods. Not proud, like it’s nothing unexpected.

It’s as if taking on a squad of Chi Yan Country’s armed royal guards, is just as simple as taking on a nest of mice.

The immobilized guards on the ground looked at their superior, and looked at Xiao Bao who’s approximately only four years old. Incredulous, one exclaims, “Impossible! Our daren is an advanced level practitioner of the Profound Stage. How could he be dealt with by this little boy’s hands!? Who are you, what do you guys really want?”

Xiao Bao and Jun MuYan ignore him.

Xiao Bao raises his head to look at Jun MuYan with his big bright eyes.

Jun MuYan laughs knowingly and pats his small head. She says earnestly, “Xiao Bao is the best, always such a great help to Niangqin.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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