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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 10: I, Jun MuYan, Shall Return

After eating the bear’s paw, Xiao Bao comes over with a wet cloth just as MuYan was about to get up.

Although he’s only a four-year-old child, he acts like an adult. He grabs her hand and wipes away the oil from her slender jade fingers.

MuYan can’t help but hug the little guy to her chest, coddle and pepper him with kisses: “Baby, you’re really such a darling to your mom. What would you do if I’m not around!”

Xiao Bao has a little blush a he sinks deeper into the comforting scent of MuYan’s embrace. He mumbles a whisper: “Xiao Bao won’t leave Niangqin.”

MuYan wanted to continue teasing her beautiful son, but the sky in the distance suddenly shines a prismatic glow.

She slightly squints her eyes, and lets go of Xiao Bao. Looking at the sky from afar, the corners of her mouth curve into a meaningful smile.


MuYan lowers her head and absentmindedly says: “Baby, we’ve been hiding in this mountain long enough. Won’t you come with your mom to go out and gain experience?”

Xiao Bao asks: “Go to a town?”

“Not just a town!” Jun MuYan shakes her head. “We’re going to leave this cave and go somewhere far away. There are certain things that Niangqin must deal with.”

Xiao Bao is somewhat confused but he still nods, “Where Niangqin is, Xiao Bao would be there too.”

MuYan holds his face up, and kisses each of Xiao Bao’s cheeks. She then picks him up and sends a reluctant glance towards the cave behind them.

This spiritual vein is really a good spot for cultivation but unfortunately, they have to part with it now.

Gong Qianxue, Jian Feng, Jin Hong Men, Heavenly Road Sect… everyone who had harmed her in her past life.

‘Hehe, I wonder if you people are ready?’

‘I, Jun MuYan, shall return.’


Flowers greet people, along with the gentle warm wind of a Spring afternoon.

From a distance, there comes the sound of hurried and disorderly horse hooves.

A closer look reveals a group of men dressed in black, close-fitting [flying-fish]-patterned* clothes.
• “flying fish clothes” refer to a pattern of clothing but it could also refer to a guard unit, from what I could understand.

Image result for 飞鱼服

They are headed by a middle-aged man, about thirty years old. His face is quite bright, and his fine eyes radiate vitality.

His level is actually at the Profound Grade.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man pulls the reins on his horse to halt, and looks over at a giant banyan tree.

Daren, what’s the matter?”

The middle-aged man did not speak, but quickly dismounts off the horse and goes before the banyan tree.

Once he has a good view at the sight under the tree, the middle-aged man gasps.

“Ah, a very beautiful girl and child.” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but exclaim.

It can’t be mistaken, under the banyan tree, was a reclining young girl that looks about seventeen-years-old, and an extremely adorable child that looks like a powdered jade carving.

The pair has their heads leaning against the trunk of the banyan tree. The girl’s long hair drapes down, framing her stunning features. There’s a sense of charm that makes people blush, and make their hearts beat faster.

A subordinate of the middle-aged man gulps and says, “DaDaren, do you intend to bring this woman back? If Third Prince sees her, he’d be very pleased, right?”

The middle-aged man only takes a moment to mutter to himself before he gives a command: “Take these people with extreme care, and by any means, do not hurt her skin.”

This snow white, perfect and flawless skin – the Third Prince would go crazy if there’s even a slight bruise.

Not far away from where the several horses had run to, there is a luxurious carriage.

This carriage is made to be drawn by eight horses. It is even divided into three stations.

The person occupying the carriage was Chi Yan Country’s Third Prince – Lou Beiyu.

At this time, there is a beautiful young girl sitting across Lou Beiyu.

The girl’s body is only covered by a flimsy cloth. The white skin and exquisite figure are faintly discernible through it.

Incredibly alluring.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  3. If she’s weak then all I can say is what the f*ck she’s had that vain for 5years ish and it took 10years for her to become almost immortal so she should atleast have the strengh of what she had at 7 years in that other future


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