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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father 

Chapter 4 An Asura descends (Asura- malevolent spirit)

When Su-shi came back to herself, she quickly gets ashamed into anger: “Little slut, what’s with that look. You who have lost all face, you still have the audacity to stare like that. You don’t know anything about shame, at such a young age got careless, and now has a big belly. It’s simply throwing our Su family’s face away!”

After saying that, she raises her hand, intending to slap MuYan’s face.

Just before her hand fell, she was stopped by Su Zhiyong. “Ma, if you can’t bear it, then it will jeopardize the plan. Don’t forget that she’s quite valuable right now. Her worth isn’t just the tens of thousands of gold coins, but it’s also my splendid future prospects. That Daren said, if we deal with today’s matters adequately, he’ll let me enter [Jin Hong Men]!”

Su-shi can only drop her hostility.

Su Zhiyong’s eyes couldn’t help but look over MuYan’s body.

He could see that although the woman has a big belly and swollen feet, she still couldn’t hide that pure radiant, jade-like skin.

Especially when Su-shi and the others tied her up, they did so in a very rough way, causing her clothes to open halfway. It reveals a faintly discernible, delicate collarbone and white, translucent jade skin.

Su Zhiyong gulps; thinking that it is such a pity that this cousin is going to be cut open and left for dead. He can’t help but feel that it’s too bad.

This little tramp that could do something illicit at such a young age, even finding herself with child, must be quite immoral.

He always thought that he would have a chance to have a taste of what this little cousin is selling, but in order to enter Jin Hong Men, he can only give up.

At the side, Chen YuLan observes how Su Zhiyong looks at MuYan with an undisguised, covetous gaze. A burning flame of jealousy immediately flares up in her eyes.

Su Zhiyong gets himself driven out of the room. After that, Chen YuLan faces MuYan and spits ruthlessly, she opens her mouth with spittle, “Little slut, you even dare to seduce your own cousin, you’re shameless!”

“Hmph, sister-in-law, don’t waste words with her. We’re now going to open up her abdomen and dig out the child inside.”

“That’s right, when she has a gaping hole in her stomach, her intestines and viscera spilling out, you’ll see that cousin won’t be able to even directly look at her.”

Su Jinzhu and Su Baozhu giggle as they console Chen YuLan, paying no attention to MuYan’s eyes that are looking at them in disgust. They are so carefree.

On Chen YuLan’s case,

Since MuYan resided in the Su Family, they tormented the girl as much as they could. They were jealous of her too-beautiful features, as well as her outstanding talent in cultivation that is a hundred times better than theirs.

Especially when they discovered that all the men around were focusing all their attention on Jun MuYan, it had made them gnash their teeth in hate.

However, that is already in the past.

Today, Jun MuYan is just the fish under their knives, a lamb for slaughter.

Su-shi laughs in a sinister way and takes a very common dagger out from her waist. She roughly grabs Jun MuYan’s clothes and pulls them open.

Just as her dagger is about to fall,

An unexpected, acute pain burst through in her wrists, as if the bones are crushed and broken.

Su-shi cries out in pain, and then she turns to see the supposedly-bound Jun MuYan, sit upright.

A slender, bloody hand firmly holds her wrist, while she’s still grasping the dagger.

“Ah, Jun MuYan, how did you free yourself from the ropes?”

“Slut, quickly let go of my mother!”

Su Jinzhu is a few steps away when realizes that something is going wrong, she roars and rushes forward.

However, MuYan had already bent Su-shi’s arms to fold back, and amidst the shocked and pained screeching, MuYan ruthlessly thrusts the dagger into her chest.

A splattering sound – blood sprays over MuYan’s face.

However, the person herself reveals a smile of an Asura.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father 


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