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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father ch1 end

Chapter 2: Rebirth
MuYan opens her eyes as she awakens from unconsciousness, feeling a sudden cramp from her abdomen.

She wants to reach out and grab her stomach, but finds that her hands and feet are bound tightly and she could not move them at all.

Looking around –

She could see a closed, dilapidated room. The furnishings look somewhat familiar.

What is going on?

Wasn’t she thrown into the Dan furnace by Gong Qianxue? The high temperature burnt her flesh, the bone-deep hatred muddled her sanity, and then she lost consciousness?

How is she bound now?

Don’t tell her, Gong Qianxue failed in refining her and is thinking of new ways to torture her?

As she was contemplating, MuYan’s gaze settles on a certain place, her eyes widen and her pupils suddenly shrink.

Heavens!! What is she seeing? ! !

A finely swollen belly!

There was also the ache from that cramp, that came from her belly.

This is…her child? !

The child is still in her belly, and she can still feel the baby’s tenacious vitality.

However, how can this be?

Her unborn child is clearly alive and kicking!

MuYan’s eyes flickers and focuses on the furnishings in the room.

She just felt that this room was familiar, but the moment she thinks about it, isn’t this her dilapidated room back when she was living in the Su Family ten years ago?

Ten years ago, her adoptive father traveled out to train and gain experience. Her adoptive mother, Su YueXiang, sent MuYan to her maiden family, Su Family, despite MuYan’s opposition. The Su Family people ridiculed her; there wasn’t anyone who treated her kindly. When she unexpectedly lost her innocence and became pregnant outside of marriage, those people worsened the way they treat her and placed her in this run-down room.

The scene and setting is also so familiar.

Ten years ago, she was pregnant for seven months, and she lived alone in this broken room. She didn’t have enough to eat, nor did she have warm clothes.

But one day, Great Aunt Su, who had always looked down on her, was uncharacteristically enthusiastic- and with both hands raised, gave her a hot meal .

MuYan at that time was overwhelmed by the favor, and thought that she had finally received sympathy from Great Aunt Su for being well-behaved and obedient.

She never thought that it was just the beginning of her nightmare.

She lost consciousness after she finished eating, only waking up after feeling a sharp pain on her stomach.

Great Aunt Su used the most common of daggers to cut her, a living person’s, belly open: cutting out her womb and the baby inside it.

Her two female cousins, each one pulled the incision even larger from both sides, so that the sister-in-law, Chen Yulan could dig out her living child more conveniently.

These four people were doing such a cruel and bloody act, yet they laughed joyously and looked forward to a bright future. No matter how she tore her own lungs by crying and pleading.

For the next ten years, MuYan never forgot about this maddening and heartbreaking event. Within her dreams at night, the bone-deep hatred lingers in her mind and pervades her heart.

It was then that she had lost her child; it was when she had lost her capacity to be a mother.

But now, how come she’s lying here once again?

Did she experience rebirth? Rebirth to ten years ago? To the moment when her baby was not yet ripped away from her!

Just then, she heard Great Aunt Su’s voice outside the room.

Daren, are you really going to spend such a large sum of money to buy that slut’s unborn child? If you can’t wait for us to cut out the child, you’ll make good with the deal?”

  • Daren- a more respectful way to say “Mister”

It was a man’s voice that immediately replies, “This is a deposit. As long as you do everything properly, naturally, you won’t go without benefits.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father ch1 end


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