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Chapter 1: You Ate My Baby!

Rumble–! !

With the rumbling thunder echoing in her ears, MuYan regains her conciousness.

A burning pain registers to her body, and she was unable to suppress a pained groan.

She slowly opens her eyes, only to find herself lying in a narrow, dark, and enclosed space.

Her nose could detect a faint scent of medicinal fragrance.

What’s happening?

MuYan tries to circulate her internal force –

A Precelestial-practitioner should be capable of seeing things even in the dark.

However, a piercing pain suddenly wrecks through her.

It’s as if a scalding energy is tearing through the meridians throughout her body, to the point that they could break down at any time.


MuYan cries in agony, and collapses, cold sweat soaking her body from the intense pain.

What happened exactly?

She remembers that she had just finally reached the Precelestial stage.

Gong Qianxue, her close friend, helped her find a Forged Body Pill in order to assist her to step into the first realm of immortal cultivation – the Forged Body.

Qianxue accompanied her on the Thunder Peak, and after she operated her Internal Force repeatedly, the Nine Heavenly Lighting Tribulation finally struck.

MuYan clearly remembers that she had undergone through the Eighth Heavenly Lightning.

She only needed to pass the Ninth and she would advance into the Forged Body realm.

Afterwards, she felt a sharp pain and lost her conciousness.

Did she fail her tribulation?

MuYan was getting anxious when a glaring light appeared above her.

She squints her eyes, and when she sees the beautiful face that appeared above her, she immediately feels pleasantly surprised: “Qianxue!”

However, Gong Qianxue doesn’t greet her with a smile like usual, but looks at her with disdain instead.

MuYan feels that something is wrong. She looks around and realizes that she is actually in a furnace.

And Gong Qianxue’s face is peaking through the opening of the pill furnace.

“Qianxue, what’s going on? Did I fail my tribulation so you’re trying to treat me?”

Gong Qianxue stares blankly at first, and then she couldn’t help but laugh, “Jun MuYan, are you dumber than a pig? You actually still think that I’m doing this for you.”

“You, what do you mean by this?”

“What do I mean? Hehe, did you think that I gave you a Forged Body Pill in order to assist your tribulation? Idiot, I’ll tell you honestly. Although that Pill can really help you in the Tribulation, it contained poison. When you go through the Nine Heavenly Lightning and begin to forge the soul, the poison will activate.”

“Stop with the jokes.” MuYan struggles to get up, and with hoarse and anxious voice, “Qianxue, I know you like to play tricks on me. You’re lying, right? Didn’t you say that I’m your best friend? ”

“Best friend? A female commoner like you from an inferior country is not qualified!” Gong Qianxue laughs in mockery, “Do you know why I’ve spent a lot of resources and energy – even used my best Mysterious Elixirs just to let you reach the great Precelestial stage? That’s because your body contains a trace of an Immortal Element, and it can only be stimulated after it has experienced Nine Heavenly Lighting. Haha, what you are right now, is the best alchemy ingredient.”

“Alchemy Ingredient?” MuYan’s feels cold all over, and her world collapses in that moment.

Since that misfortune happened, she did not trust anyone in the world.

Except for Gong Qianxue whom she considers as her best friend and family.

For Gong Qianxue, she learned to make Mysterious Draughts and even studied medicine.

For Gong Qianxue, she braved through fire and water, rushed into dangerous territories for her, just because she said that there was something she wanted.

But today, Gong Qianxue tells her that everything was a lie!

She is good to her, just because she wants to use her body to refine an Elixir? !

At this time, a gentle male voice is heard coming from outside the Pill furnace.

“Junior sister, all preparations for the Mysterious Elixir is complete.”

“I’ve troubled senior brother!” Gong Qianxue’s voice immediately turns from a harsh and unkind, into soft and grateful.

Jun MuYan sees from the opening of the Pill furnace, Gong Qianxue is replaced by a young man.

She knows this man!

He is Gong Qianxue’s senior brother at the Heavenly Road Sect, Jian Feng, a genius alchemist.

She watches Jian Feng throwing Pills into the furnace, and looking at her with a mix of ridicule and pity.

“Senior brother, will this alchemic process be the same as ten years ago, like the time we refined the Immortal fetus? The Immortal energy was overly abundant and caused the furnace to explode. I was only able to absorb one ten thousandth (1/10,000) of the Immortal child’s energy.”

“Hehe, junior sister should rest assured. With previous experience, this time will not fail again. What’s more, she is only the mother of the Immortal fetus, and the Immortal energy can’t be compared with her child.”

Listening in on the conversation between the two, MuYan’s bloodshot eyes went wide.

Immortal child, ten years ago, the mother…

No, it can’t be what she thinks it is, the Immortal child that was refined into an Elixir, can’t be her child!

However, there is a voice at the back of her mind crying out and telling her —

It was her child; it was her child that Gong Qianxue turned into an Immortal Elixir!

“Gong Qianxue -!!” MuYan violently struggles within the Pill furnace, like she lost her mind, she madly tries to get out, “Gong Qianxue, where did you get the Immortal child from?!”

Gong Qianxue’s vicious eyes sweeps over Jun MuYan’s absolutely stunning face, and the hatred in her heart is almost overflowing.

She does not understand how Jun MuYan, a commoner woman from an inferior country, could give birth to an Immortal child .

The Immortal fetus was so powerful that it was evident that the child’s father was an unparalleled existence.

How is Jun MuYan qualified?!

However, it doesn’t matter!

In any case, that Immortal child had already been absorbed by her. Now even Jun MuYan herself will also become her stepping stone.

Gong Qianxue reveals a malicious smile, a whisper comes to MuYan’s ears: “The Immortal child, of course, was ripped out from your belly ten years ago! Haha, that seven-month-old fetus, when it was taken out of you, it was still alive! When he was thrown into the alchemy furnace, he still cried out, like he was calling for his mother!”

MuYan listens like she’s in a trance; as if she could hear the child’s piercing cries.

A heart-wrenching, bone-melting pain in her bosom spread through her meridians into every part of her body.

Her child, the child she thought was killed by her relatives, was actually murdered by Gong Qianxue!

Then a bone-deep madness from hatred burst forth: “Gong Qianxue! Gong Qianxue!! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to cut you into pieces!!”

“After I turn you into an elixir, after I consume it, I will be able to achieve the Immortal Soul that rarely occurs in ten thousand years! You want to kill me? In your next life! Hahahaha!”

The top of the Pill furnace is covered, and the Dan fire under the furnace is lit.

Gong Qianxue looks at Jian Feng expectantly. “Senior brother, I’m counting on you!”

“Rest assured, junior sister.” Deep affection flashes through Jian Feng’s eyes. “I will definitely let you get what you want.”

Suddenly, a ‘bang’ is heard within the alchemy furnace.

Gong Qianxue cries out, and feels a terrible pain all over her body, as she is slammed away.

Vaguely, she could hear MuYan madly and mournfully screaming: “Gong Qianxue, even if I turn into a ghost, I will never let you get away with this!!”

There is a burst of flames, and the entire alchemy room shakes violently, and collapses completely.

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